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Bill Sohan

Distant Healing (also referred to as ‘Absent Healing’) is now a well established and proven method for bringing about positive changes in health and well-being.

In the way I have chosen to work over many years, I channel a combination of spiritual, reiki, angelic and crystal energies to the person or animal that requires healing.

About my Distant Healing Service

The service I run is essentially a postal service.

I require you to send a written (either by hand or typed) request for healing giving a brief outline of the condition(s) that require healing together with your date of birth (in the case of animals an appropriate age will suffice).

Also please include a small photograph of the person or pet (does not have to be a recent photo and it does not matter if other people are present in the photo). Also please include a S.A.E for the return of the photo. If your letter is handwritten, please write your name and address in BLOCK CAPITALS.

Thank you for your interest.


13-08-2008 – Press Release

Please use the following links to articles about my services.